Rwandan gospel singer Aline Gahongayire, known for her strong and powerful singing voice, was born on December 12, 1986, in Rukoma, West Province in Rwanda. The only girl of her mom's 4 children,Her family took its spirituality seriously, and from her childhood which was centered by dance and music,she started to excel in a traditional dance group created by her grand mother and at age of 12 she joined Asaph Choir from Zion Temple Celebration Center ,all these took place in Kigali,capital city of Rwanda wher she moved to at the age of 5 with her family.

Rwandan gospel singer Aline Gahongayire, known for her s>From the choir at her 23,she began in parallel to work on her own songs as a solo artist.she then join Moriah Entertainment Group ,a gospel artists management company,to help her for her solo career.In 2008 she release her first album (Nzahora Mbyibuka - "I will always remember") through a first ever mega concert in Serena Hotel,to kick off her professional career.Since then,she toured the region to promote the album and later release 4 others up to know,which include a full traditional gospel music album.

Beside a gospel singer ,Aline Gahongayire is also an actress.She acted in 2008 as main actress in a series of one of the best movie never produced locally,"IKIGERAGEZO CY'UBUZIMA" PART 1&2.The movie has become so famous and putted her on the lines of best actress in Rwanda.She is also a host to a Gospel TV Show on Rwanda National TV called "BE BLESSED SHOW". She has been a judge in different competition locally and regionally such as: MISS RWANDA 2014,TUSKER PROJECT FAME,ABBY STARS PROJECT and many more.She has been selected among the best gospel singers in Rwanda to participate every year in different national activities together with other artists.She has been nominated in different awards regionally (Groove Awards Kenya, PAM Awards Uganda,Talanta Awards USA ,AGM Awards in UK among others).She is also a founder of INEZA INITIATIVE, a giving back to the community project which focused on Women and Children through different activities such as paying school fees,buying health insurance to vulnerable families among others.

Aline is a very talented and graceful singer in the Rwandan Gospel music. Her life is inspirational to many people. She has faced several ups and downs in her personal life. She has reached to the age of 29 but still has the same charisma and the power to encourage and uplift the hope and strength of the people. The more she is becoming mature and older, the more experience she is being and the more power in her talent and calling.In 2013,she has been ordonned by her church senior pastors ,together with other sisters and brothers,EVANGELIST.Beside praise and worship she is a Tele Evangelist and does church tours for evangelisation.She is

Worship & Praise Leader
It's All about Aline's Calling
Recording Artist
5 albums in the chart and the 6th to be released february 2017.
Founder and Managing Director of Alga Fashion Inc,which organize Plus Size Modeling.
Social Activist
Founder of Ineza Initiative,a NGO project focused on Vulnerable women and chlidren
  • Since February 2006

    Empowerment through worship : The Music Career Journey

    Aline has driven in parallel leading worship in churches and perfoming gospel music aroundthe world.
    Among the countries she has been in to minister through her music are; Burundi,Uganda ,Kenya,Tanzania,South Africa and United States of America.

  • From May 2011

    Big and Beautiful - Annual Plus Size Modeling

    This has become her trademark here in Rwanda as the first ever Plus Size modeling organized in Rwanda.

  • Since May 2015 - Up to Now

    Ineza Initiative - You too deserve the best

    Starting the Ineza Initiative activities,by helping vulnerable families through Health insurance and school fees support."God wants to work through each one of us, and we can become His hand by reaching out and meeting the needs of the people around us." as Aline's motivation slogan.


Aline Gahongayire as a public figure through her different activities as a minister of God and entrepreneur,she is always into something.We will be updating you regulary on what she has been to or doing or planning.Stay in touch.

Aline Gahongayire has been recognized by UNICEF Rwanda and the Ministry of Health for her contribution to the 1000 Days Campaign.This was done in the Gala Night Ceremony in Serena Hotel with Country UN representative and and the Minister of Health,Mrs Diane Gashumba.This comes in Aline's giving back to the community activities which includes also her initiative called INEZA.Stay in touch for more news.

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Worship Leader and recording gospel artist Aline Gahongayire is about to release her new single "IYABIVUZE" which is one of the 12 songs of the long expected album "NEW WOMAN" to be launched on October 27 at UBUMWE GRANDE HOTEL.The song "Iyabivuze" will be released on Friday October 14, together with its video.Another Hit Song from KINA MUSIC and Video by IKUZO STUDIOS. The song was written and produced by Producer Clement ISHIMWE.With the theme of Aline's new album,the song fits in.Stay in touch for more news.

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Here is Aline Gahongayire annual agenda of already planned major events and activities.This agenda can set to change accordingly.


Aline Gahongayire as a recording artist has 7 albums.6 already out and the most anticipated one , NEW WOMAN ,to come up and added to the list.Since 2007,the year of her debut album,up to now she just cant stop to evangelize through her music and calling.

"...I still have more in store.Everything will stop one day,but the only activity which will remain is worship.I cant just stop to worship.It's like a practice to prepare us on the day of the Lord." Aline emphasized.

Umukiza Wanjye
May, 2009
Tumuvuge Imyato
May, 2009
Nina Amani
May, 2011
A New Woman
October, 2017


Aline Gahongayire can be contacted and booked through her management company for perfomances and events.However for personal or for donnation to her ministries,please get in touch directly with her office.

Alga Office

KN4 Nyarugenge, Kigali City, Rwanda




+1 (603) 407-0771

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